Conference Dinner

With the industrialization in Europe and the discovery of coal in the 19th century the region around the river Ruhr soon became the biggest industrial and metropolitan area in Europe, basing its success on mining, steel production and heavy industries. After the Second World War the region was a core area of the German reconstruction, providing coal, steel and energy to rebuild the destroyed homes and industrial plants. The worldwide oversupply of coal and steel at the end of the fifties of the last century made coal mines and steel works unprofitable in a very short time. An area with more than 5 million inhabitants, specialized on mining and heavy industry for more than 150 years, lost its perspectives. A structural change began, which is still under progress.

It is obvious that we wanted to give our guests an impression about the history and the power of the inhabitants of our region in the past. Therefore, the conference dinner took place in a special location, in the architectural impressive buildings of the former colliery Holland.

Details about this location you will find here.